Email Marketing

Email marketing campaigns on the platforms MailChimp, ExactTarget, Constant Contact, Hubspot, and others.

Email marketing is a crucial component of every content and digital marketing plan.

LEAD CREATIVES develops, manages, and produces branded email blasts to reach your prospects and clients. In order to try to clean out your clients’ and prospects’ email inboxes, you need compelling content, attention-grabbing headlines, and eye-catching photos. With years of experience, LEAD CREATIVES has created HTML-based emails with strong subject lines. The statistics that support our worth as consultants for email marketing make us happy. Our open and click-through rates consistently outperform industry standards, and we can even help you expand your email list of subscribers. To keep campaigns active and boost interaction, we use tried-and-true email marketing strategies.

Creating a blog post and hope that your audience reads it is no longer adequate. When you send an RSS-fed email at the appropriate time, your message will be received. Simply set your ESP (Email Service Provider) to run automatically and you’re good to go. Today’s well-known ESPs are getting closer to automated marketing solutions for a fraction of the cost, making your email marketing more intelligent than ever. However, LEAD CREATIONS is here to help if you need any help using these cutting-edge features.

We love getting ESPs in shape, and our email marketing team would be thrilled to do the same for you. We have already used a variety of ESPs to complete the procedure for a number of different clients. LEAD CREATIONS takes care of everything: we clean up your lists, get rid of duplicates and inactive subscribers (which can hurt your domain’s reputation), make eye-catching emails, test various subject lines to determine the most potent ones, and make sure that all back-end functionality and automations are working properly. Following that, we monitor, assess, revise, and utilize that data to constantly deliver better results.

Lead nurturing is currently a major problem in the world of email and marketing automation. To ensure the success of your approach, our specialists can help you with content generation, strategy building, and email marketing automation. For our clients in the content and digital marketing industries, we offer campaign- and project-based email marketing consulting as well as ongoing email management.
Whether you’re promoting a deal or simply reminding them of your brand, LEAD CREATIONS can help you design effective email marketing and marketing automation plans that will work with your website and brand.

Email advertising that avoids the spam box!

  • Others include Hubspot, ExactTarget, and Constant Contact.
  • HTML email designs
  • Emails RDF-Fed
  • Lead nurturing and marketing automation
  • Templates for Specialized Emails
  • Creating Lists Based on Subscriptions
  • Reporting and Analysis

With more click-throughs, more active subscribers, and higher open rates.