Video Production Services

The engagement, trust, and value that high-quality video production content may create are all potential benefits.

Did you know that 78% of internet users watch videos on the internet at least once every week?

Video marketing may be a key element of any digital marketing strategy since it gives your business a voice and a face. For your website, it also has a significant SEO value. Studies have shown that landing pages with videos can increase conversion by 80%, while emails with videos have click-through rates that are 200–300% higher.

If you don’t know much about video or aren’t sure where to begin, don’t worry. Our division of video production services can respond to your questions.

Can I afford to incorporate video into my marketing strategy?




Even though it might seem unattainable, it is possible to use high-caliber, expert video in your marketing strategy. There are several advantages to working with LEAD CREATIVES’ digital marketing team, including access to our many internal specialists who have experience with video. The equipment and expertise needed to properly plot, shoot, edit, produce, and distribute your video in a way that supports and fits with your marketing goals are available from our video production services department.

Our services for creating videos include:

  • Video marketing strategy
  • Scriptwriting and script revision
  • Storyboarding
  • Both solitary and group camera shooting
  • Equipment for specialized lighting and video
  • Image retouching
  • Both 2D and 3D graphics
  • The moving picture
  • Unique graphics and illustrations from the graphic design section
  • Correction of the color
  • A narration
  • Videos that adhere to ADA standards in full
  • Videos with closed captions in a variety of languages
  • Video distribution

We have expertise creating numerous types of videos for our clients, including:

  • Explanatory movies
  • Interviews in video
  • Business synopsis and videos of “About”
  • Testimonials in video
  • Fundraiser and publicity campaigns
  • Headers and Backgrounds for Videos
  • Tutoring movies
  • Brief advertisements and promos
  • Ads for products

From “Rolling!” to “Cut!” our digital marketing team will work with you to create a video marketing strategy that makes sense for your business’s goals in terms of both marketing and sales.

Find out how our video production services can help you reach your online marketing goals.