WordPress Website Design & Development

Create a lean, mean, money-making machine with your website.

WordPress is a versatile platform that can be endlessly customized to match the goals of your business. The premier content management system (CMS) for Fortune 500 companies as well as small organizations.

WordPress is the CMS of choice for our agency due to its adaptability for B2B and B2C enterprises. Every WordPress web design or development project we work on is entirely customized; there are no pre-built themes or plugins. We build websites from the ground up, ensuring that every element is special and suited to your business.

Custom WordPress Design & Development Services

Regardless of your sector, business size, or goals, WordPress is one of the most flexible, dynamic, and user-friendly content management systems (CMS) currently available. The alternatives are endless as long as you’re utilizing the platform to its full potential.

The members of our team are ready to help you increase the impact of your website! Following are some things you can expect from our WordPress development services:

Totally original design and development

Our development team can create a completely unique template for any website project because WordPress is an open-source CMS.

We start by re-engineering WordPress’ API using Skeletor, our boilerplate framework that is safely coded and minimally functional. This gives us the ability to develop a fundamental set of functions and aesthetics that are designed just for your website. Additionally, we ensure that everything is mobile-optimized for all popular smartphones and tablets as well as supported by the major browsers.

Coding in encryption

On top of our framework, we develop everything with secure code from the ground up. Throughout the years, we have created and maintained hundreds of WordPress websites, providing us the expertise necessary to ensure the best security standards for your website.

Custom Integrations & Plugins

Your website can be made to perform all of the tasks you require. Despite the enormous number of third-party plugins for WordPress that are readily available, we specialize in developing special solutions that are tailored exclusively for your website. We will also take care of integrating your website with your existing business tools.

SEO stands for search engine optimization.

We have seen a drop in website traffic after a new launch since the development team didn’t give SEO a high priority from the start. However, as soon as your project starts, SEO takes center stage for us.

Our SEO strategists are masters at creating plans and methods that will provide your WordPress website with all it needs to rank effectively in search engine results. We start by:

  • using analytics to examine the effectiveness of your current website.
  • evaluating keyword and competitive landscape.
  • deciding on the appropriate URL structures.
  • preparing your site map’s architecture.
  • assigning a keyword to your new and/or existing pages.

Our designers, developers, copywriters, strategists, and project managers then use their SEO expertise to create a WordPress website that satisfies our exacting standards for SEO perfection.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Your beautiful new website won’t mean much if the visitors don’t convert to leads.

We use technology like heat maps, analytics, session recordings, and others as part of our data-driven approach to CRO. Our techniques include content marketing, A/B testing, regular reporting and analysis, and other sector-specific initiatives in order to better convert your visitors.

A website’s speedup

We construct websites quickly by avoiding acts that would slow them down. This is how we go about it. Consequently, we:

  • Setting up the server and browser to cache
  • Utilizing a reliable content delivery network (CDN)
  • Writing code that quickly queries databases
  • Concatenation and code minification
  • Utilizing PHP’s most recent stable version and web-optimizing all content
  • Choosing a trustworthy hosting provider

Creation of numerous websites and languages

If you require a website to be established for numerous locations (multisites) or languages (multilingual), our engineers may design a unified WordPress solution. Your job will be simpler as a result.

We’ll customize the website architecture to ensure an effortless user experience for both you and your visitors. With a single, unified WordPress platform, your visitors can easily access the experience they want.